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May 20, 2014 at 12:45 am #432


When I click on ask the doc, I get a blank page pop up. I need to ask someone BEFORE I start using this app whether I can begin using it while postpartum, or if it needs cycle data from pre-pregnancy/postpartum period to work.

August 6, 2014 at 5:55 am #458


The email address the app sends it to is You’ll need to give them your login name if they need to give you any fertility filter codes. I haven’t had any issues with the ask the doctor feature in awhile though. Be patient. It can take some days before you hear back.

October 24, 2014 at 8:35 pm #474

Jeff & Jacki

Angpuppy1, have you used ask the doctor or email lately? I have tried contacting the doctor/admins numerous times through numerous channels for tech issues, fertility filter, and just general questions. I am not hearing anything back and its so frustrating to have paid for this app and web charting and no help (like is advertised)! Also, the many bugs coming up like it never syncing and the babies and colors all messed up!

January 30, 2015 at 4:25 pm #483


No, I haven’t. I email my charts to a local physician I see who is trained in Napro.

I don’t know what would be messing the colors up, but I would recommend not using the notes features. When I got my bloodwork done to test my progesterone levels in my lutael phase, I used the notes to mark the days I had the bloodwork done (as there were issues with the lab being closed on Sundays and when I was supposed to be getting the blood draws). The app ended up putting baby symbols the day after (or maybe it was the day of). So I wouldn’t use the notes feature.

I do think they got too ambitious with the app. What I like about the app is the speed of charting. I wouldn’t recommend this app as a teaching tool. It doesn’t replace formal instruction and even when the doctor gets back, the information is very brief. It’s not the same thing as working with your own instructor and physician. And mind you, getting that support is more expensive than this app.

For instance, with Creighton (the method I was formally trained in) the introductory class is $35. This just gives you a basic overview of how the method works, why it works and all that. You then have to decide whether to be instructed in the method. Then it’s an extra $25 for materials. Each individual session with your personal instructor is then $35 each session. I forgot how many sessions there were. My instructor actually surprised us and said she wasn’t going to charge us for the sessions because she felt it was such valuable information to have. And mind you, becoming an instructor isn’t cheap.

The paper chart and stamps are then $10 a year. I was told to chart on excel to save money. I choose to purchase this app because its so fast to chart and I like it better than using excel or the paper chart.

This app is a little simpler than Creighton, but overall seems heavily based on Creighton. I’m sure they don’t call it the Creighton app because of liability issues. And i think regardless of what app you use, formal instruction is still really important.

So here are some resources

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