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Kinds of icons and what they mean:

Blank Gray Image: Mucus Present

Blank Green Image: No Mucus Present

Blank Red Image: Bleeding

Any color with baby icon: Fertile or Highly Fertile Day

Any color with heart icon: Genital Contact

Any color with “T” icon: Infertile by basal body temperature

Any color with brown circle icon: Brown Bleeding – This Feature is unlockable from your settings.

Recording your body’s natural signs is essential to determine your fertility status. MyFertilityMD takes your natural signs using sophisticated technology and automatically generates your fertility status for a given day. In order for our technology to work, it is important that you chart your fertility each time you use the restroom, and before showering. If you are unable to chart for a period of time you can go back a few days. To be accurate you must chart consistently, on a daily basis. This only takes seconds.
The three most important signs for determining fertility are Bleeding, Lubrication, and Cervical Mucus. That’s it. Other signs, such as ferning, temperature, and hormone analysis can be helpful, but are not essential to determining your fertility. For that reason, these other 3 methods are included in the Charting functionality only as confirmatory signs, and are not required for an accurate fertility reading. You will also be asked to record whether or not you experienced any genital con-tact with your partner. To record for a previous day, just swipe the bottom tab back and note your activity. A small heart will appear on your chart when genital contact occurred.
Reading your chart is easy. All of your fertile days will be white with a baby image. When you see a heart and a baby on the same day, there is a chance of pregnancy. A red day on the calendar represents vaginal bleeding. A green day on the calendar means you are infertile.
When you see a P on a calendar day, this stands for PEAK FER-TILITY. AUTOCHART will generate your peak fertility; and fol-lowed by your peak day, you will see 3 subsequent days labeled 1, 2, and 3. This is important because, after your peak fertility, you generally have 3 days of fertility before you will cycle back into infertility.
If you need help reading your chart, just tap the HELP button here. Below your chart, you will automatically see your current fertility status. Swipe one way to see your latest charted fertility signs. Remember, charting consistently is essential to gaining an accurate chart; that’s why MyFertilityMD automatically reminds you at the end of the day if you have missed an observation. To change your reminder time, or to turn the reminder off, just go to the settings menu and select your reminder preferences. To chart for a previous day, tap the day on the calendar and record your observation. If you have made a mistake on an observation, simply press the X in the corner, and re-enter your observation. Your chart is totally at your disposal for reference or to share with your physician via email. So to share your chart, just tap here. (IMAGE). Now you are ready to start your fertility charting. There will be another video at each step which will help you make accurate observations.

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