About Ask the Doctor


Ask the Doctor is perhaps the most valuable feature of MyFertilityMD. It puts you into direct contact with real, licensed medical doctors who are experts in fertility. Through Ask the Doctor, you can get answers to your specific medical questions. After watching the instructional videos and charting your cycle, search the FAQ or the Forum to find answers to common questions. If you still need assistance with a fertility related question please use Ask the Doctor to send us your pertinent health information including your age, fertility goal, any current medications you may be taking, and some information about any prior fertility tests or treatments you have undergone. One of our fertility specialists will respond as promptly as possible. We will attempt to answer your question via email but if we do not have sufficient information to provide an answer, we will respond with options to discuss your case further via phone or video conference. If needed, we can refer you for an office visit with an organic family planning expert.