Completely Revolutionary
MyFertilityMD is the most comprehensive and effective form of natural family planing now available for the first time as an easy to use smart phone application. Using a woman’s natural Bio Markers, MyFertilityMD uses highly advanced technology to calculate her fertility and gynecological health with remarkable accuracy. Combining all of the best aspects of previously existing natural family planning methods, MyFertilityMD is simply the most accurate form of natural family planning available. The state of the art technology in MyFertilityMD charts the naturally observable Bio Marker of cervical mucus but also works integrally with any other fertility sign such as basal body temperature, saliva ferning, urinary estrogen, luteinizing hormone and palpation of the cervix. No other form of natural family planning is so comprehensive and effective in helping couples avoid or achieve pregnancy.
Remarkably Simple
Besides employing the most highly developed medical research, MyFertility MD is an incredibly user friendly and intuitive smart phone application. The state-of-the-art interface allows the user to chart her fertility with ease. By answering just a few simple questions, the AutoChart feature utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to accurately calculate fertility in seconds. Helpful videos guide the user through the process and actually teach the user organic family planning from the ground up. MyFertilityMD is so much more than a fertility charting app. Because our goal is not just to provide a tool for calculating fertility, but to built an entire culture of organic family planning, MyFertilityMD is loaded with several other features including a Women’s Forum, picture library, and, most importantly, an Ask the Doctor feature. Ask the Doctor actually puts the user into direct contact with a team of real physicians who will personally respond to specific medical questions. There is no other app that provides such comprehensive access to the world of organic family planning.
Totally Organic
MyFertilityMD is not only the most effective and easy to use method of family planning, it’s also 100% organic. Whether you are seeking to avoid or achieve pregnancy, MyFertilityMD helps you achieve your fertility goals in a way that is completely healthy and side-effect free. Unlike hormonal fertility treatments, which are known to increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, stroke, and heart attack, MyFertilityMD is not a chemical contraception; that means it’s as safe to use as it is effective. Best of all, organic family planning with MyFertilityMD does not require you to purchase any additional materials or pharmaceuticals, so you save money.

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